Buying Votes is Illegal

John Daniel Davidson writes at The Federalist regarding a scheme in Nevada involving a group called Native Vote:

“Offering voters anything of value in exchange for their vote is a violation of federal election law, and in some cases punishable by up to two years in prison and as much as $10,000 in fines. That includes raffles, free food, free T-shirts, and so on.”

Though the article focuses on activities in Nevada, it includes this point: “It also matters because this didn’t just happen in Nevada. Organizers there might have been more obvious about what they were doing, but there’s evidence that similar efforts, including gift card and electronics giveaways, were undertaken in Native communities in South Dakota, Arizona, Wisconsin, Washington, Michigan, Idaho, Minnesota, and Texas.”

For a country to maintain real, secure elections, it cannot allow violations of election law. Places that change rules at the last minute, pressure or bribe voters, disregard voter ID, etc. are holding sham elections.

Fact-checking the Fact Checkers

TIME: The Great Reset

There has been a lot of speculation surrounding “The Great Reset.” If you listen to Glenn Beck who has unmasked pieces of the puzzle that are finally coming into play, don’t let mainstream media overshadow efforts by those of us in the Light and on the Right side of history.

TIME Magazine, purchased for a paltry $190 million in 2018 by Big Tech founder of Salesforce Marc Benioff, would have you believe that this is perfect timing to implement a new world order designed to benefit everyone. If you’re naïve enough to believe that, then you’re likely an active participant in a coup to remove President Trump and dozens of patriots in high government positions from office; thinking that you’re doing the world a favor. Globalism seeks to level the playing field not by lifting everyone to the same level of achievement as the United States, but by tearing at the fabric of freedom of America, bringing us down to third-world status.

We will not yield. Hold the line and pray that God will grant us peace through strength and faith in Him.