OAN: Retired Air Force General blows whistle on CIA vote hacking | Pearson Sharp Reports

Evidence of voting fraud continues to grow and insiders in the Intelligence Community warn the CIA could be behind efforts to sabotage the election. One America’s Pearson Sharp has more.

Auto-generated captions from the YouTube video for search purposes…

evidence of voting fraud continues to grow and insiders in the intel community warn that the cia could be behind efforts to meddle with the election here’s one america’s pearson sharp members of america’s intelligence community are raising red flags the 2020 election is being outright stolen from the american people retired lieutenant general thomas mcinerney who is formerly the assistant vice chief of staff of the u.s air force says two pieces of software called hammer and scorecard are being used by democrats as a super weapon for voter fraud people must understand that this software was used to overturn the 2020 election the first time in the united states is history that massive amounts of cyber warfare have been used in our voting system mcinerney says the software was designed all the way back during president george w bush’s first term in office hammer is a surveillance software developed by the cia the programmer was dennis montgomery he developed this in 2003 to go after radical islamists scorecard is a program that was developed for cia that manipulates voting booths mcinerney explains scorecard was intended to overturn elections in foreign countries to install leaders favorable to the united states but then under obama it was turned to an even more sinister purpose well that was done by the obama administration two weeks after obama came in 2009 february 3rd to be exact moved it out of c.i.a into a secret skiff in fort washington maryland and then they started listening on u.s citizens to include chief justices prominent americans politicians etc when that happened dennis montgomery who invented the programs became a whistleblower under former fbi director james comey and former cia director john brennan both hammer and scorecard were redesigned to target american citizens specifically the left’s political opponents like donald trump this software is highly illegal but with president obama’s blessing these deep state operatives went to work on not only discrediting donald trump but on undermining the 2012 and 2016 elections the programs were countered in 2016 but now in 2020 they were successful and managed to sabotage the election of president trump by instead reallocating his votes to joe biden mcinerney says it was primarily used in the battleground states and is evident in the massive vote dumps for biden in the early hours of november 4th the morning after election day we should be demanding from the president to expose these numbers publicly you see news networks like fox that are ignoring it all that mainstream media they flipped on us they do not want to hear it they won’t let people like me on and they don’t want to hear anybody mention it they discount it completely but we know it’s true because we watched it being prepped they used it in the primaries mcinerney believes if not for vote tampering this would have been an overwhelming win for president trump but that this information must be given to the right judges so they can act on it and quickly if that doesn’t happen he predicts it could have dire consequences for future elections if republicans lose this election they will never win another one again it will really be hammer and sickle and that flag of russia and the soviet union and communism will be flying in the united states china and russia and others will own us pearson sharp one america news want to see more videos like this visit oann.com for immediate access to all the clips you’ve been waiting to see you

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